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10 Disturbing News Stories That Will Leave You Seriously Creeped Out

  • STRANGE things happen in real life to normal people every day. Some of it will horrify you for life. Here is my list of the most shocking, disturbing, creepy, unbelievable, news stories that will definitely haunt your dreams.
    List: 10 Most Disturbing News Stories From Around The World

    10. Giant Killer Rat – definitely one of the most dangerous animals in the world, ever.
    09. Eno Fariha – One of the saddest news story ever
    08. Johnny Gosch – One of the most mysterious disappearances in history.
    07. Body-in-freezer Mystery – This is one of the Most Disturbing and Creepy things Ever Found by Police
    06. The Hello Kitty M*rd*r – one of the most Disturbing Abduction Cases Ever
    05. Ahmad Suradji – He is one of the most evil and notorious serial killers the world has ever seen
    04. Albino Witchcraft Victims –
    03. The Girl in the Box –
    02. Special Empanadas – The real-life Sweeney Todd
    01. Elisa Lam – The Biggest Unsolved Mystery in the world
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    – ♫ Urgent News by Gunnar Johnsén

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    – ♫ In The Shadows 4 – Mystery, Mysterious – Composer: Niklas Gustavsson

    – ♫ Arcane Sun 4 – Mystery, Mysterious – Composer: Håkan Eriksson

    – ♫ Building Tension 10 – Mystery, Dark – Composer: Gavin Luke

    – ♫ Low Motion 4 – Mystery, Dark – Composer: Johan Hynynen

    – Super 8 Footage by FairyTails-AlexVillamira
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